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Lemon Law Process

Lemon Law Process

Lemon Law Process

It might appear strange but there was a period when people didn’t have any legal protection in case their new cars failed to function properly or if they got involved in accidents. Prior to the introduction of Lemon law, a person was to pay for the repair expenses and medical bills from their own pockets in case of an accident. But today almost every state as well as the federal government have their own laws concerning defective vehicles.

What does the law entail to file a claim under the Lemon Law? How long does it take to settle the matter?

Steps Involved When Filling a Lemon Law claim:

The process of filing a claim under lemon law is not as easy as many people tend to think. It takes more than just calling the car manufacturer or dealer and telling them that you have been involved in a car accident. You need The Accident Duo right from the start of the process till the end.

As such it is important to retain all the relevant documents used in purchasing the vehicle including the manufacturer’s warranty, sale contract and repair orders. It would also be a good idea to record all the conversations related to the purchase of the vehicle. This can help when it comes to filing a claim under the lemon law.

After talking to an attorney, he or she will determine if your car qualifies as a lemon and initiate the process of collecting evidence for the purposes of officially launching the case. The Accident Duo have a lot of experience and can help mount a watertight case and ensure you are compensated.

It will take approximately one week to record statements from you and gather all relevant evidence. The time taken may also depend on a number of factors like the type of vehicle and the number of cases the attorney is handling at that particular time.

Step 1: Client Intake
This is where the lawyer takes the statement from you with the aim of establishing facts about your claim.

Step 2: Demand Letter

Considering the fact that every case is unique, the law firm may decide to do the following:

• Send a demand letter to the manufacturer of the vehicle. The purpose of the letter is to inform the manufacturer or dealer that your car qualifies for a repair, repurchase or replacement and that they comply with the demands of the letter. The dealer or manufacturer is usually given a maximum of 30 days to respond.

• File a lawsuit with the court directly

Step 3: Settling the claim

In case the dealer or vehicle manufacturer agrees to abide by the contents of the demand letter, they will be given at least 60 days to finalize the compensation process.

Step 4: Full trial

If the manufacturer doesn’t respond or refuses to settle the claim, then there will be no other option than to file a case in court. Because of the complexity of the case, there are time limitations as to when the settlement should be paid.

Successful Outcome of the Case

The main objective of Rezvani law firm is to ensure that you reach a successful settlement with the vehicle manufacturer or dealer. After reaching a settlement with an insurance company or car dealer, your case may be concluded in the following ways:


In case you are entitled to get a refund for the defective vehicle, the refund may include but is not limited to the following:

• Monthly payments or down payment
• Manufacturer service contracts plus extended warranty coverage
• Extra expenses with regards to the defect or malfunction of the vehicle include rental car fees, towing fees among others.
• Expert fees


Under lemon law, the manufacturer may decide to “buy-back” your car. But you still have a right to refuse that option and insist on a refund. If you go for the replacement option, then the following conditions must be met:

• The replacement must be similar to the defective vehicle
• It should fall under a similar service contract
• The replacement should also include dealer and factory options that were in the original vehicle.

Is your car a Lemon? The Accident Duo will help you get justice under lemon law. The most important thing is to ensure that you report the incident as soon as it happens.

At the Rezvani Law Firm, The Accident Duo have vast experience in lemon law. They will gather adequate evidence and ensure that your claim is successful.

Call our offices today and speak to an experienced Accident Lawyer to properly protect your interests and rights.


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