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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents 

A motorcycle does not shield the body from the impact of a collision. It is more likely to cause loss of limbs. People often assume a rider was at fault, but my experience as a motorcycle accidents injury lawyer has taught me that other road users are also at fault. I am ready to help recover adequate compensation for your injuries, medical expenses, and motorcycle damage. I also claim compensation for long-term damages such as loss of wages.

My Motorcycle Accident Services

My service entails doing all the following:

Gather Evidence of the Motorcycle Accidents claim: I will gather all facts surrounding an accident and circumstances like the state of the road to build a solid case.

I examine police reports talk to eyewitnesses, involved parties, and experts. I will contact insurance companies to assess their view about a motorcycle accident.

I will also assess the medical situation to establish the bills it might cause in the future. I will use all the facts to argue a case.

Motorcycle Accidents Claim


At The Rezvani Law Firm, The Accident Duo navigate through the complex legal system for them. I am skilled in filing legal documents to demonstrate negligence by other parties in the accident and all the appropriate evidence to argue a case or get a settlement. I will explain everything about filing a legal claim or negotiating for a fair settlement with an insurance company.

Negotiation For Motorcycle Accident Compensation

The Accident Duo are skilled negotiator who sees through attempts by insurance companies to pay less than victims deserve. I will push for a fair amount by presenting the facts. Insurance companies have money for motorcycle accidents injury, so I ensure that the claim includes medical bills, medicine, and other medical expenses. I fight hard for the negligent party to admit wrongdoing or make an insurance company release adequate compensation because I believe a lawsuit is not always an option.

Filing Motorcycle Accidents Lawsuit

A settlement with an insurance company is good, but it does not always happen. Claim adjusters try to release little money as possible to accident victims. At-fault parties might also mitigate responsibility. I file a lawsuit if a settlement cannot happen through negotiation. My thorough investigation of an accident report facilitates accident scene reconstruction. I submit evidence like photos, witnesses, and expert testimony to reveal the responsible parties that caused the accident.

Representation in a Motorcycle Accidents Lawsuit Case

I use reliable data from experts to show the actual cost of a motorcycle accident if the insurance is attempting to underpay. My role is to boost the chances of winning the Lawsuit.

I eliminate the misconstrued idea that motorcycle riders are the cause of accidents because some ride recklessly. The Accident Duo will negate the misconception that works against motorcyclists in many juries. 

People with challenges with motorcycle accident cases can contact me to discuss specifics. I organize claim cases that maximize motorcycle accidents injury settlements.

Call our offices today and speak to an experienced Accident Lawyer to properly protect your interests and rights.


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